Characteristics of an Efficient Factory Layout
September 18, 2021
If you own a factory, then you know the importance of efficiency and productivity.

That’s why you should learn the characteristics of an efficient factory layout.

The most important aspect to a factory is its efficiency and productivity, because that’s where all of its profits come from. However, one of the biggest contributors to productivity in a factory is its layout. That’s why so many factories try to alter and change their designs to maximize profits. Here are some of the characteristics of an efficient factory layout that you should add to your design plans.

Efficient Space Utilization

One way that you can vastly improve your efficiency is with better space utilization. You should look for equipment that can perform the same actions while saving as much space as possible, giving you more room for other things. You can also invest in equipment that uses space you didn’t access before, like overhead conveyor systems that use the space above.

Space To Grow or Change

A good factory layout will include plans and space for changes as the company grows. You don’t want to find out down the road that you can’t take an opportunity because you didn’t properly plan for potential changes to your factory. Always leave space so you can include upgrades or changes to match new regulations or policies.

Limits Material Handling

Another characteristic of a good factory layout is one that limits how many times people need to interact with products or materials. The more times that someone processes or handles a material costs you additional money, and that’s why your system should limit this. Automation and combining handling activities can lower your costs greatly.

Prioritizes Safety

The best thing anyone can do for their bottom line is increase worker safety. Whenever an employee has an injury, it causes several damages to the company—morale drops, the employee can’t work, and there’s usually a worker’s comp claim. The best designs will do everything possible to enable workers to perform work while keeping them as safe as possible.

Now, by ensuring that your factory has all these characteristics of an efficient factory layout, you can increase your efficiency and productivity. Thereby, you can maximize your factory’s potential profits beyond what you had before while still having room for growth.



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