House Problems New Homeowners Should Watch Out for
January 05, 2021
Getting a new house is exciting. But the process can also be stressful because there’s so much money involved, and you might face common household issues.

Becoming a homeowner is incredibly overwhelming. While it’s exciting to decorate the place and call it your own, you also face bills and possible repairs. Here are some house problems new homeowners should watch for. The sooner you address these issues, the better.

Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is one sign that you need a new drainage system. However, a new system isn’t exactly the cheapest household repair. This means you should try your hardest to keep things from reaching this point. You should inspect the roof to check for any cracked shingles. And make sure to clean your gutters often, so things don’t clog up and cause a leak.

Drafty Windows

Sadly, winter’s here to stay, so your house should be as warm as possible. Be on the lookout for drafty windows. Sometimes, if your windows are older, they have less stick to them, and they won’t be able to close properly. Luckily, not all hope is lost. Here are some things new homeowners can do if their place is too chilly:

  • Re-caulk the windows to ensure they stay shut all season long.
  • Talk to a professional window manufacturer about installing new windows.
  • Get thicker window treatments, like curtains, to prevent wind from coming in.

Foundation Problems

Another house problem new homeowners should watch out for relates to the foundation. Everyone’s seen the home improvement shows in which a couple must tear up their entire place because of a faulty foundation. Try your hardest not to avoid ending up like the individuals on these programs. Instead, run a marble along your house’s floor. If the marble rolls to one side, it could indicate foundation problems. Consider calling an engineer to see if there are any cost-effective solutions.

New homeowners shouldn’t have to deal with huge problems. In a perfect world, you could spend your entire time decorating. But the reality is that you’ll have to do some preventative maintenance if you want things to remain in tip-top shape for your housewarming party.


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